does the USA have a criminal corrupt government hellbent on starting WWIII?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by R.Lewis_52, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Please proofread your posts. I will have to start editing your posts if you do not look over your spelling.

    Well, every government is corrupt in some way. Politicians take bribes, people are arrested under unscrupulous circumstances, and scandals break out; all things that have been commonplace in the U.S since its inception.

    The site you link to is referring to mainly executive branch related. Are they corrupt? In most definitions, yes. But they are also furthering an authoritarian agenda, among other things, and that is all a part of politics.
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    It's possible. It sure seems like they want a large war, if not a world one, in the Middle East right now. We really need to switch to alternative sources of fuel so the ME will lose it's strategic position.
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    Does being a corporate dictatorship count as being corrupt? If so, then yea, the U.S. government is corrupt.
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    WWIII would imply two organized alliances/powers duking it out. Currently, it is just one side degenerating areas into chaos* and excersizing hegemony.

    * - Either they are purposefully causing chaos, or they are ineptly trying to secure it (resources, land). Either way...

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    okay i admit i didn't read the article, but obviously the US government is corrupt(what with egregious constitutional and human rights violations like wire tapping, extraordinary rendition and camps such as guantanamo etc. or the gov's careful genocide of iraqis and afghanis and our quest to expand our economy via middle eastern oil through colonialist, imperialist methods) however every government is corrupt to a degree and there are far more crooked governments than the US. what makes the US so unique however is we’re probably the most out of control of the first world world meaning our actions have a far greater impact than that of 3rd world countries in the sense that what we do tends to extend beyond our own nation or neighboring countries.
    and about the US spurring the next WW3 nonsense, if anything the most probable scenario would be lebanon and israel sparking something.
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    I think that of course there is some level of corruption in our government... it's practically impossible to get rid of it completely. However, I think that compared to some periods of our nation's history, and the governments of some other countries, we're still doing pretty well.

    As for being hellbent on starting WWIII? Not even a chance... nobody wants a world war to break out, and I think the current likelihood of our stupid war being elevated to a world war (multiple multi-nation alliances fighting) is slim.

    It doesn't. Also, we're not a dictatorship... we may not be a true democracy, but calling the US government a dictatorship as anything beyond just an angry insult is simply a lie.
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    Interesting that this topic should come here. I was reading an article last week and was amazed at some of the things that were said in it. Here, take a look and decide what you think. I'll condense some of it so you can see if it might interest you as well.


    Many people in America think America was established upon righteous principles and is gradually falling away, as did the corporeal nation of Israel of old. But such a notion is a great mistake. Few people have realized or are willing to acknowledge the fact that America was a thoroughly corrupt tree when it was first planted. The corruption we are hearing of, seeing and experiencing today is just the gradual growth, budding, blossoming and fruiting of this corrupt tree.

    America cannot decline from principles upon which it was never truly founded. It can, however, develop more fully upon its true, corrupt, foundational principles. This is precisely what it has always done and is doing. Evil is not progressing in America because the government and the people are performing actions contrary to the constitution and the principle of democracy. It is speedily progressing because they are religiously adhering to the spirit of democracy and the spirit of the constitution.

    Most of the evil that's manifesting itself falls within the confines of the spirit of the deranged principles of "Mob Rule". The American Civil Liberties Union, gay and lesbian groups, women liberation groups, abortion advocates - civil libertarians of all types, or all who are labeled "liberal", and all who explore their evil constitutional freedom seem to understand this fact far better than the so-called conservative patriots and the so-called religious right.

    The best thing that can be done for a corrupt tree is to completely uproot it and cast it into the fire. If we continue to love, cultivate and protect it, its evil growth will work(as it is already doing) to our harm, and it will produce toxic fruit for future generations. This tree should be uprooted now and thoroughly burned; and a truly good tree needs to be planted in its place.

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    I think the best possible response i could have for this would actually be a T-shirt i saw at an abortion rally on TV.

    Keep your laws off my body.
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    No... The liberals running for re-election in '06 and '08 are hot on the corruption bandwagon... alleging crimes to Constitution and corruption in the Executive Branch at every turn... proof for any of these allegations is usually vague and always parced in the vernacular that they and their party will be the honest-broker to save the day, riding their head pony as the lilly-white savior, who just happens to be the wife of the guy that thought raping interns in the White House was just peechy keen!

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