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Does The Miz deserve to be WWE Champion?

Does The Miz deserve to be the WWE Champ?

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Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Now that The Miz has had the WWE Championship for a while, maybe we'll be able to look at things from a different point of view than we had experienced right after he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

In a lot of threads, people have continually cited rumors of Miz being Vince's "golden boy," and even stories of how much Vince likes The Miz's legs in his wrestling trunks! :lol:

The combination of that and of our discussions of whether Miz will stay champion during the WWE's peak time of the year led me to wonder what you all think of this:

Does The Miz deserve to be the WWE Champion? Does he deserve to keep the belt and main event at Wrestlemania? Why or why not?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
He definitely deserves to be the WWE Champion and I said he should main event Wrestlemania.

Miz attracts attention so I think him being in the spot is a good thing. The fans hate him the media pays attention to him. It makes a lot of sense for him to be there.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I too believe he deserves to be Champion right now. He started off in Tough Enough, didn't make the cut, then got signed and became a "side reporter" then he finally got his chance to wrestle and improved on a week to week basis.

Now I don't know if he deserves to headline Wrestlemania, but I wouldn't be against it if Vince decided to put it him in there. He definitely wouldn't be out of place and in the end that's what's most important. If he still as the title after Elimination Chamber, then it's pretty clear that he'll be at the Main Event at Wrestlemania.


Where is my Queen?
I think that Miz deserves the title, but I don't think he is ready for WrestleMania. I really don't think he can draw the WWE fans as much as somebody like Cena or Orton.

What I really want to see is for The Miz compete in the MITB match at WM if they have one and win, and cash it in at WM and win the title again. I don't think that The Miz has enough exposure yet with that title to compete in the main event just yet.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I chose yes overall, and I chose that option "that he should main event Wrestlemania."

In making the poll I should have thought a little more deeply; I'd say that my specific phrase would be "that he could main event Wrestlemania." I'm basically of the viewpoint that I think that he's perfectly capable of putting on a good WM main event and building a story around it, and that his wrestling skill fits it. I also am fine if Orton won the title at the RR and took it to the "grandest stage of them all." Miz does deserve the opportunity, and if he gets it that's fine with me. If he doesn't, also fine, because I know the future is big for him.