Does size really matter?


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Simple question that should produce some interesting answers.

Do you think size really matters when it comes to sex?

If so why?

Do you prefere well endowed men or do you prefere guys who know what their doing?

And for the guys, do you feel pressured and sometimes embarrased by your size and do you think you have to be large to pleasure a women.

Please keep this clean and serious.


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Yes, definatly, size does matter....but then again, i heard from a few women, even if the guy is small, if he performs well it covers it to some extent, and they want quality it seems more than quantity....but all of them always talk about size....


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This is gonna be hard to keep clean lol
Hmm Personally i have slept with a guy who was medium (wouldnt say small) And also a guy who was VERY big down there, erm They were both very good ermm lol I guess its not how big it is but how you use it :)


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Size doesn't matter at all, well, as long as it's not just a little button mushroom!
Girth is better than a stupidly long thing, that can just be painful.
But, if I remember rightly, it's only the first 2 inches inside that can feel pleasure, after that it's only pressure and pain.

I found that ''big boys'' tend to think that that is all that's needed, no frills and everyone is happy. :-/

Blokes who are insecure about it tend to do everything they can to make sure the girl is pleasured so that alone is good for me! :D


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Anyway, quality and performance might compensate for whatever dissatisfaction I have with size (not just talking about too small, but also too big). Therefore, size matters but not that much.


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To be honest, and probably already said. Size does not matter its how its used that counts. If you are an alround good lover like me lol!! Then there are other things you can do to give your partner all she requires in the bedroom.


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As it has been said already it not the size that counts but how you use it. Too big can hurt as well. I rather have a guy on the smaller side who knows what hes doing in the bedroom. Then a gut who thinks his package being big is all that matters.


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yes i don't think it matters at all really... i've had guys perform way better that have been smaller than others.. it's all about knowing what you're doing!



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I mean I am not going to say that it doesn't matter, but at the same time I think that girth matters more. For me, I find sex to be more enjoyable depending upon the amount of effort the guy takes in foreplay and how much fun we have (or how romantic it is)

I have been with some good and some bad.. but size didn't really make the difference.. Sometimes someone who was wonderful the first time wasn't even enjoyable the next time because it was rushed or it was boring... So I'll go with.. No size does not matter.


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I don't like them too big and I don't like them too small. If I had to pick above average or below average I'd go with...

Most of you already knew how that sentence was going to end before I even started it.