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  1. Life...

    Nature's God...

    Value of life... is one form more superior than another?

    Life found on Mars... headlines around the world... life in form of common cold germs, roaches, mosquitoes, mice... big deal or not?

    Why does size matter if all life is a miracle?

    Explain justification for killing Nature's God's creation... explain limits...

    From a single cell life point of view a human would look like the unexplained black hole in the last visible part of the universe... from our size and self importance how can we assess our importance considering our view is possibly as limited as a single cell life form?

    Is the nature of life to view superior and inferrior forms of the miracle of life?

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    Huh? wtf are you talking about?
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    Can we ever know? Value is a subjective claim, no?

    Big deal to me, but that doesn't make it a big deal. Neither does a worldwide consensus that it's a big deal. It simply means that there is life on a planet besides our own.

    Is all life a miracle?

    Explain the justification for not killing Nature's God's creation, and furthermore explain the justification for referring to life as 'Nature's God's creation.'

    We tell ourselves that we have the capability of fathoming infinite, whatever that means, to obtain objective universal truths regarding our importance and our place in the universe. Orrr we recommend to ourselves the possibility that maybe we're finite beings and we go back to working on solutions to problems that we possess ability to understand.

    Is it the nature of life to not view superior and inferior forms of the miracle of life, and once more, what justifications have we in the claim that life is a miracle?
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    What Size?

    Size of what? The life?
  5. I'm confussed what you are trying to communicate... Life has no nature... but nature has life... I think, therefore I am... proving I exist and am not infact a dream... but other life forms do not think or reason so ...

    Are there superior and inferrior life forms or does each simply provide a service? If humans are at the top of the food chain does that give us the right to kill all other forms of life? Kill roaches, mice, rats and lesser versions of humans?
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    Dinosaurs are dead and mosquitos are alive, so size in the physical nature doesn't really matter. I think what matters in survival is a multitude of things and sometimes being too big will hurt you rather than help you, so no, it doesn't matter in that right.

    I don't think life is a miracle either. I don't really understand the Nature's God's reference. I also don't believe in God, but if you mean what right do we have to kill anything, that all depends on why we're killing it. For food, we have that right. For shelter or our own safety, we have that right. For mere sport, we don't have that right, but we have that capability.
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    My communications were the logical inverse of yours, meant rhetorically, as in 'do we have any reason to believe we know the true nature of life?' I think, therefore I am proves that you have the capability of being existent, but not that our or any other life is some sort of miracle.

    Superior or inferior in what respect? Services? Do we not just all interact in some chaotic, dischordant manner governed only by the natural processes of our brains?

    Rights are appropriated to those who choose to define and defend their rights.
  8. OK, then the question is in the definition of miracle... does life just happen and then end? How does life evolve? An example is a tree sprout in a grass field my be bright purple or redish to cause grazing animals not to eat it... how did the plant learn that being green and small is a recipe for disaster and being red or purple in youth a recipe for existence... It seems if the tree were killed by the grazing animal because it was mistaken for grass then it would cease to exist... where did the ability to adapt come from?

    All life forms seem to have a drive for survival and none do survive... from germs to insects almost to small to see without visual aids do work for one reason survival and survival of the strongest of the type of life... Thus there are superior and inferrior life forms within the same type and the strongest or most representative of the life type is naturally selected to thrive... Services merely indicates the thought that all inferrior life forms to the best of the best exist only for the purpose of supporting the best of the best.

    Are you born with rights or are rights invented by groups of humans based on their opinions?
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    Humans value other humans over other life forms .. this is how we gage value .. IMO .. whether something is more valuable or less valuable than one human life .. you can tell how much a person values life by how much they value the lives of other humans .. a person who values the life of another human no matter what they have done .. will likely also value the life of animals ect .. & vice versa .. anyone who for example values the lives of trees over the lives of humans has what I would call a warped value system .. no matter how much sense it makes .. we need to be able to value our own kind first & foremost to avoid self destructive behavior .. so far as I can tell

    I thought this thread was a question you were asking the women members .. :lol:
  10. I think you have to be religious to beleive the first statement for it seems to be based on some sort of religious moral value... You can save one person from two who face death and one is a street bum and the other is a brain surgeon...

    In the second statement there is no vice versa... animals and trees place no value on your life.

    The nature of humans seems to be inferrior should fall and superior should rise... If you have no talent or your talent is limited to being a butler then you may serve a CEO that with his billions of dollars complains about your squeeky shoes. In this view of humans it likens them to ants where one has more value than others and if your shoes squeak too loud you are expendable.

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