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Does size matter (to the fans) in the WWE?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm actually going off of Chris_Bosh's recent thread about Wade Barrett's potential to rise through the ranks of the WWE.

Among his descriptive terms of Barrett was something along the lines of him being the "right size."

I'm going to discount Mysterio in this question (but feel free to include him in the discussion) because he seems to be an exception to the rule.

So - from a fan's perspective, as we all know Vince loves big men :lol:, does a main eventer in the WWE have to be a certain size? In a company like TNA, people like AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Jay Lethal are getting a lot of main event credit these days.

Would you be on board for a World Champion like Evan Bourne? Could Justin Gabriel have won NXT if he had the same mic skills as Barrett? Is a small guy becoming champion just a 1 every 50 times kind of situation, or a "flash in the pan" idea b/c of Mysterio?

With the age of steroids still phasing out, will we see an increase in smaller sized main eventers? Will the WWE Universe be on board?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Size isn't always the main factor but it does matter somewhat. You've used Bourne as an example who is just a smaller version of Jeff Hardy in my opinion. I personally don't believe he's World Champion caliber. Main reasons is stuff like if you put him against the Big Show, or Undertaker realistically he shouldn't win.

But then on the other hand you have guy like Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge, Orton who are not the biggest guys in the business(Orton is tall though) who have made great Champions.

So all in all it does matter in some way, but I don't see it as bad as Vince seems to see it.


Registered Member
There has to be a believability factor in here somewhere. Not being funny but is it really believable that Rey Misterio Jr would really beat guys the size of Kane in a real fight? Even Jake Hager or someone his size would take him apart.


Problematic Shitlord
I'm not sure what you mean by steroids "phasing out". People will just get smarter and the drugs will get more discreet. I think size matters but then again there are different types of wrestlers. Guys like Borne and Hardy are supposed to be a bit scrawny compared to the rest because they're high flyers. Guys like Batista and Cena are beefcakes because that's how they work best, etc.

The WWE itself definitely favors the bigger wrestlers which is strange since they've had such incredible success with much smaller guys (Mysterio, Hardy, etc.)


I am the woolrus
You've used Bourne as an example who is just a smaller version of Jeff Hardy in my opinion. I personally don't believe he's World Champion caliber.
Maybe in WWE, but if you see some Matt Sydal stuff in ROH i'm certain you'll change your mind! He's an amazing wrestler, when he's given the freedom to push himself to the limit. I haven't seen much of him in WWE but i can assume he's pretty restrained compared to how he used to wrestle.

As for smaller guys being World Championship material... It's more acceptable in a company like TNA i think. Where the target audience are "smarks" who base a wrestlers ability on how he works a match, pulls of the big spots and cuts promos. So a smaller guy with those abilities can easily make it to the top. In a way, there's no inequality based on size.

As for WWE though... It's catered mainly to the kids and, while many of the little kids are even in on how wrestling works nowadays, the essence of kayfabe is still kept. So to have multiple smaller guys in the main event scene takes away the "David vs Goliath" or the "giant killer" ideas that WWE loves to play on for smaller guys. and in a way it keeps SOME amount of realism to it. at least people like Mysterio are treated as underdogs and that's the way it needs to be to keep any sense of kayfabe. So in WWE, i think smaller guys in the main event scene does need to be limited. Only a handful will ever make it to the top. Mysterio and Hardy did and i think Bourne could be next.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think we're seeing a movement towards the smaller guys. Babe gave some good examples of past success stories but we're seeing Bourne get a nice push, Rey Rey won the world title, and even Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit weren't the biggest dudes in the world. Miz seems to have potential...Morrison...Kingston...Punk etc etc.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Good point, Millz.

And Rey winning the title again last night adds to this thread as well; shows that Vince is willing to give a really smaller guy the title at this point in time.


The Rock is cooking atm..
It does matter in the WWE's case...it has to be believeable to a certain degree....like the others have stated. To me personally, I wouldn't mind some big dude winning the title every now and than, it does bring the world title some credibility :D:D
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