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Does R-Truth deserve this?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We all know that Truth will get a shot at the title. I think one of the biggest reasons why he's getting a shot is biggest John Morrison is currently in the dog house with Vince and company.

Now my question to you guys is this. Do you believe R-Truth deserves a shot at the World Championship Title? I think it's pretty clear that he won't win it, but do you think he should be one of the number one contenders? Or should he remain a mid-carder?



aka ginger warlock
This is not an easy question to answer. My intial answer would instantly be no, he has done nothing to deserve and nothing in the ring but that would be unfair. I don't know what Truth has done. CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Seamus and any number of other people you can mention has been in the WWE a shorter period of time than Truth/K Kwik and there may be a good reason for him never being given a shot but we will never really know.

I think half the problem with the number one contender business is no-one takes it seriously because no matter what someone does they may never get a shot. Look at Matt Hardy, he was loyal to the WWF/WWE for many many years yet he never came close to a title shot, Guerrero & Benoit could have the same said yet someone like Brock Lesner who fit Vinces vision was pushed very quickly.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The only reason Truth is in this match is to take the pin from Miz...at least that's my thought process on it haha

But to answer the OP...in a word, no. He might be a good company guy but he hasn't even been on RAW in recent weeks and now he's in the main event? Its curious booking.


I am the woolrus
I agree he's only getting this shot cus Morrison's in the doghouse. Only rumours mind, but it makes the most sense. Like Millz said, he hasn't been on RAW and now he's in the main event. It's just a slap in the face to Morrison for being completely unprofessional and disrespecting a legend of the business.

As for R-Truth deserving a title shot? I've never been excited about R-Truth. Even as a mid-carder. He's just someone i don't want to see on TV. He's not particularly great in the ring, but he's not awful by any means. Maybe it's just his lame ass, horribly stale "WASSUP!?" gimmick but.... i really just don't like him.


Haters gonna hate.
As others here have said, he is only getting this shot because JoMo is in the doghouse.

Why not? There are a lack of non-HHH main event faces (since Orton is taken with Punk). Truth looked actually better than average last Monday, and I now understand the booking. Maybe this will equal a bit of a Truth push, but it won't result in much. Truth is good, but he is underutilized.


If they had R-Truth in the main event scene for awhile I would say yes, but since he just popped up out of nowhere he doesn't really seem to fit there. I would have liked it if Dolph Ziggler won it more so than R-Truth.


Haters gonna hate.
If they had R-Truth in the main event scene for awhile I would say yes, but since he just popped up out of nowhere he doesn't really seem to fit there. I would have liked it if Dolph Ziggler won it more so than R-Truth.
I figured that a face was going to be the third man, not a heel. I think it would have overshadowed Miz with the instance of having two heels in the main even. Two faces makes sense. Hurts less people that way.


I ♥ Haters
I find R-Truth extremely annoying. Just the sound of this voice makes me want to jam an ice-pick in my eardrums. However, I thought he did really well on Monday, but that doesn't mean he deserves a championship match. He hasn't really done anything to deserve it.

And I think Millz pretty much hit the nail on the head. Truth is just in the match for Miz to pin.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
You know, if you take away the annoying song and the over-use of catch phrases, I do have respect for Truth.

However, my answers is no...I just think that he's a mid-card kind of guy, and would be lucky to get the U.S./IC title.

I especially stand by my 'no' when I think of the people on the RAW roster that could have been in the match...Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler...they deserve it much more. I left out naming HHH, Orton, Punk, etc. because they all seem to be busy or absent from the show right now.