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Does Play more RPG games help you in study.

Does play more RPG games help u in ur study?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • No

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New Member
Hello Everyone

I have recieve an assignment from school to pick an argument topic and i choose that "play more RPG games will help you in your study. because it will help you in your reading skill, spelling and concentration (talking to NPC etc.)

I will need your help and opinion. please reply thats if you "for" it or "against" it. (please provide a reason if you can cause it a 10 minutes oral and i dont know what to talk about it.)

Thank you



Registered Member
by "for it", do you mean we think that RPGs DO help you in your study? In that case, I would have to say yes, because they require you to manage information in your head (elemental weaknesses, certain enemies carry certain items, planning your purchases and preparations for boss battles and new areas, etc.), and making tactictal choices in combat probably gets (and keeps depending on how much you play) your brain to thinking more in real life, because it's used to having to always think, in battles and the rest of the game. So I would say yes, the complexity and requirement for regular thinking in RPGs helps you in your study.
Hope this post's not too late! :)


New Member
Well, that depends, in my opinion, all games are helpful to a degree as all will require you to do some problem solving to an extent and utilize some strategies. But still, I wouldn't expect a better mark on my next English essay by playing rpg's since the game's text were written for a more general audience and isn't meant to be difficult in that way.


Registered Member
I know the poll is closed, but I'd just like to point out that the Japanese outplay us in RPGs ten to one... and it doesn't help their English skills whatsoever.

In other words... I don't think it really helps or hinders, except in that many people substitute video games for studying, in which case it hinders greatly. I'm a college computer science student... and there are far too many of my majormates who can list all their WoW stats, but can't add in binary or translate a Java program into C++.


Registered Member
While I couldn't give a definite answer if it would help everyone, I do feel that RPGs help my nephew. My nephew started learning to read when he was about 3-4 years old. He really wanted to play my RPGs, but reading was one of my requirements. He started out learning the basics, and after he got to a point where he could figure out words on his own; I’d make him read the game text out loud. Last time he was evaluated, he was judged to be able to read at around 9th grade level (he was in 4th grade when he was tested, and is currently in 6th grade now). He is now currently taking AP courses.

While RPGs may not help everyone, I do think it could act as motivation for younger students to learn how to read.


Secret Agent
Staff member
This is an interesting question. Too bad the original poster probably already did his report. This would make a good study and / or experiment.

I think playing RPG's would help because they involve a lot of numbers and of course reading..

HOWEVER, I do not think playing RPG's can ever REPLACE studying. I also think that once you know the basic math and reading required to play RPG's that by playing them at older ages will not help you in school...

They won't hurt you in school either, unless you become addicted and skip school to stay home and play Everquest.. :D That's not an "RPG" specific problem though. If you skip school for anything, not just videogames, your grades will show it.


New Member
Thank you for all the replies. i accually pass this assignment :D

i understand that games cannot replace study but i think that if u need some entertainment after study and stuff, it would be good if u play RPG games as long as you dont get too addictive to it :lol:

Thank you for all your helps



New Member
actually i find its one or the other. :( my school work load is terrible. and i havent gamed in such a long time!