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Game Cube Does It Get Any Use?


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Man..... I made a bone head mistake.

Last night my gf and I were going to go visit her cousins and family that came down and we were all going to play Donkey Konga. I brought everything in my truck then we transfered it into her car.....We get there an hour later, and I forgot to put the game in the car and left it in my truck.

I think that WOULD HAVE been the first time my cube would have gotten play in a LONG time. I still need to get on and finish Tales and Baten. I think the only time my cube will ever get any more play is going to be with Mario Part 7, Dance Revolution, and of course Zelda. Other than that, its all DS play.
My Cube gets plenty of play because it's my main system as of now. I haven't been playing it recently though because I just got Banjo-Tooie and Zelda: Majora's Mask, so my N64 is getting a lot of play for now.


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I bought mine strictly for Zelda Wind Waker, and Double Dash. I played each for a while but really have been getting back into FPS games on LIVE most recently, which was a while ago. Right now I'm spending more time in PC games than anything else. Even that is at a minimum though.


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Xbox gets about 90% of my gaming time, with the other 10% getting split between Gamecube, GBA, and N64. Only GC game I ever play anymore is Metroid Prime, though if I ever finish my "Zelda quest" I'm going to have to play Wind Waker again.


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I usually use my GC in some sort of pattern... basically, I play a game on it for a couple days every once in a while, then stop. The PS2 holds all of the games I spend time on the most, so it's sort of like PS2: 1-2 weeks, Gamecube: 2-3 days, Xbox: Whenever I get a new game I play nonstop till I get bored of it, then wait till the next new game

However, the Gamecube does get more use when I get a new game for it, and back before my all my stuff was stolen it was my most-used system. Mostly due to the GBA Player and Sonic Battle/ Mario and Luigi.


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Man I love my cube. I play all of the Mario Party games, they are so fun wiith a group of players. Also, Smash Melee is fun and of course Zelda, but recently, my power cable busted during a power surge in Hurricane Something. So I need a new one


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somethings always in my Gamecube... and it gets used many times a day, but not only by me, my kids play alot too

most recently before I had to tear my gameroom apart, I was playing alot of smash bros.


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I just popped in Donkey Konga 2 and my gf and I playd that for a while. I love that game. I hope that they continue making Donkey Kongas when the revolution comes out.

Its a great party game and really brings out the competition in my gf :)
SamusAran86 said:
most recently before I had to tear my gameroom apart, I was playing alot of smash bros.
It's amazing how that game never gets old. I've had it since Christmas 2001, and I recently played it with some friends for hours.


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i bought the GC strictly for the RE series and Zelda series. i believe RE 4 was the last game i bought [ got it at launch ] and i haven't really played it since.

right now my friend is borrowing it and playing RE 4, but the other day he said that if a controller was plugged in and he turned the system on, the game wouldn't spin, but if the controller wasn't plugged in it would... next day it started working again.

but that totally sucks, i take care of my stuff [ and i know that my friend is taking care of my stuff too ] and it seems like my cube might be dieing soon. poo.