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Does it ever happen to you ..


....not to sleep when it's bed time because you're getting obsessed by any song [old or new] that's keeping you awake and you can't stop from listening to it several times?
Or even watch a program on TV when you have to do other more important things [during night time]?


I'm listening to Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind P.II several times now and this song will keep me awake tonight though I have to wake up in 4 hours.


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Since no one replied yet, it hasn't happened to anyone else? :hah:

The song thing doesn't happen to me but being "obsessed" with something to watch (tv series or movies) could keep me up or from doing other things I have to do. Or simply posting in GF...


This always happens to me. Not usually with a song, but it happens to me with TV shows/ books and internet. And video games! I often stay up late watching episodes of a TV show even though I really need to go to sleep. Or I will be reading a book I just can't put down and stay up all night despite the fact I really need sleep.


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Yep, for reasons I am still trying to figure out, I take my Droid to bed with me, and I get YouTube on, and I watch and listen to Tim McGraw sing a song called "Angry All The Time."


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All the time. Recently, it's got to do with unfinished homework. I am prepared to stay up till 3-4am just to finish ALL of my homework.


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This happens to me all the time. I always feel like there's something more exciting that I could be doing instead of sleeping so I'll find something else to do. Whether it's a song, a game, or something else.


Creeping On You
It doesn't happen with shows, because I fall asleep during them if I'm the least bit tired.

However theres lots of time when I suddenly get an idea for something to do, and start googling how to do it, and end up spending several hours just researching it and reading up on it.


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It doesn't happen to me with video games, because even though I'm a big fan I know that it will probably keep my mind going too much and give me trouble falling asleep. With music, I'll usually fall asleep to it.

However, TV is a different story. I'll stay up to catch shows that I missed earlier in the evening much later than I should, and a lot of times - it's stupid - but I'll stay awake to watch them while I know I'm dead tired and needing to sleep. Late night TV is definitely one of my vices.


A Darker Knight
usually it'll happen to me if i think of a random song and i can't remember the lyrics. I'll keep repeating the same verse or line until i remember it or just move on to something else


Sally Twit
I'd say GF is the only thing that keeps me from sleeping. Last night I stayed in chat until almost 3am because there were so many people in there and I didn't want to miss out lol. We were all having fun and I didn't realise it was so late/early.