Does Isiah Want To Replace Flip In Detroit?



On Wednesday, Isiah Thomas declined to name the seven reserves he picked except to say, "I voted for all the Pistons. The Pistons I voted for. Because they are good and I like them. Whenever there is a Piston that has a chance he's got my vote. I'm biased."

Thomas has said good things about the Pistons all season long.

Some have theorized that he is keeping his options open in case Flip Saunders does not return as Pistons coach.


I don't think Isiah Thomas has done anything to deserve the opportunity to coach the Pistons. I mean, sure, he's helped the Knicks win more games than last season but come on, the Pistons?! The Pistons is considered to be a top Eastern Conference team, how can Thomas even be considered to be a candidate for this job? I think Thomas is just dreaming and wishing he was in Flip Saunders' shoes.