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Does everyone deserve human rights?


aka ginger warlock
Every day a life is taken away from someone, be it there son or daughter, sister or brother, father or mother someone is affected by the events and the atrocities committed by someone else for what they have done.

It has been revealed today that a woman residing in the UK could and possibly will face the death penalty on the island of Bali for the crime of planning to smuggle ten pounds of cocaine. The rules in these countries are very strict and they take things like these incredible seriously and rightly or wrongly this woman should have known better, you cannot always rely that countries will take a soft approach, the human rights group Reprieve are working to free the woman.

Another news story of today was found on the BBC News website of two men who tortured and murdered a women for no reason, the details are grizzly so I will not post them on here for fear of upsetting someone but if you wish to read the report it can be found here.

These two cases are very different, one is of a woman who could be killed for making a mistake, a stupid and avoidable one but a mistake none the less, the other is of two men who are sick and frankly should never be allowed to see the light of day again as far as I am concerned but the question is where do you draw the line? Where do people stop being considered worthy of having basic human rights? Does everyone no matter what their crime in your opinion deserve human rights or do some people get to a stage where you have to say "you had no respect for their human rights of life so why should we have respect for yours".

I don't know the answer, I am a pacifist but sometimes I just want to take these people who do things to others for no reason and beat them over the head with a baseball bat so that they can feel the pain they inflict on others but ultimately I wouldn't, I would be just as bad.


Registered Member
Everyone has rights, but they can forfeit those rights by committing crimes. Different crimes have different levels of rights forfeited. Forfeiting your life because of smuggling drugs seems a bit excessive (if that is the only charge against her). But for torture and murder, it seems reasonable.