Does anyone work from home?


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I know that alot of people are getting into working at home, Im one of them and I love working from home, I have a few online jobs that are great


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Yes I am working from home and I earn good money from internet. I earn money from Google Adsense and other Ad networks. I also working as a freelancer and do writing and coding jobs.


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I work from home doing web design and running several different blogs, forums, and a few other websites. :)


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I would love to work from home but I don not know where to start.

I have a teaching degree but it is so hard to get work right now and my husband and I don't feel we can move, we just need to wait it out.

I would love to work from home until I can get a teaching job or if I liked it and could make enough money at it, I would not even worry about teaching.

The problem is that my husband and I are both professionals living in a very small community. It is almost a situation where one or the other of us can work. We recently moved to this community hoping that there would be more opportunities for me here. My husband works as a paramedic.

Anyway, that is enough background. LOL! Whenever I look for work from home opportunities it always costs money and I don't think that is right. I did actaully send money to a company once but as you could guess, that did not work out.

If I ever come acrosss a good opportunity somewhere, I intend to jump at it!
I work from home, but I would have to say that to me it takes more commitment then going out into the outside workforce because it is so easy to say. I think I will just sleep in today literally.


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I work from home and i love it. I work as freelance web designer. Since i have a kid iam not in a position to work for full time and i feel really comfortable working from home as i dont miss my parenting pleasure...
My parents work at home as music teachers. They also sometimes get called to play on commercials, movies, weddings, etc. They also own a renting and selling buisness for instruments.


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Hi all.

Me? Why yes I work at home.:D I Make movie, scifi/Horror props, and own my own comic/Toy shop.
I am the worlds Biggest little kid. :D

I tried the net thing but had no luck...So it was back to the prop factory for me :)