Does anyone snail mail anymore??


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Nobody really seems to be sending letters anymore, which is fair enough, but it's all texting, IMing, emailing etc etc. I love getting mail; I think it's more personal, and I just like it =D
Anyone with me?


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i dont send mail, but i am with on the getting it part. when i get a letter i know its usually important because it was mailed to me instead of e-mailed/txted/imed to me.


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I send mail to my grandma, I know its weird considering I can drive over and see her in a fraction of the time it would take for that mail to get there. But thats just how we roll I guess.


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The only letters I send snail mail are business related.

Last time I got a personal letter (via snail mail) was in 1996, I believe.
I don't like getting mail. I'm the type where if you want to say something then send me a e-mail or IM me for a conversation. I'm about the quick and the now! ^_^


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I love getting snail mail (I love sending them too). It's more personalised and I am a keeper of cards and letters (I also collect postcards).


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I check my postbox every morning whilst I check my e-mail every 2-3 days. I receive more snail-mail than I do e-mail. As for sending out, its probably equal amounts.


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The only thing snail mail is good for is getting bills and junk. It serves no other purposes for me.


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What about like Christmas cards? I seem to always get tons of Christmas Cards in the mail, same thing with Birthday (at least lots less).