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Does anyone listen to country music, Trivia ? What's this song/artist?


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Hi all! I'm stuck. I normally don't listen to country music but I really like this song and was trying to find out who sings it. I tried some of the lyrics sites but all I got was a headache! It is a woman singing and these are the lyrics I remember. I think it is a relatively new song.

I need a vacation from my life
me and my husband, we need a wife
someone who's sole ambition is laundry

Okay - its trivia time, who can tell me? :D


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Hahahahaa @ Counrty and Western! I can adapt to most all music, I like that song but did not know who sang it!


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Okay, what's the title of the song?

Oh, nevermind I found it - thanks for the help
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