does anyone know what main rinse is about?

hi, i don't know the appropriate place to post this, but i bid on and won a Main Rinse wallet for seven cents. the price tag on it is $5640. i did a search on google for main rinse and found their website where they sell these wallets and keychains and they actually are for thousands of dollars. I clicked on one just to see and it took me to the paypal site with the almost $6000 price. does anyone know what main rinse is? there is no info on the site, just an email address which i wrote. is my wallet really worth $5640? if so, i'm putting it back up for bid. thanks.


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I'm not sure. I think the owner of that site is a member here. I remember seeing a thread about that. Anybody can put whatever price they want on their stuff. Doesn't mean it's worth that much. Of course it makes it look like you got the best deal ever, but I personally kind of doubt it.
Yes, I'm sure it's a good deal even with the $5 shipping. It's unique and unusual anyway. Here is the response I got from the website:

Thanks for your questions. Main Rinse wallets are
ultra exclusive products that are intentional made in
limited quantities with elevated pricing to avoid
market saturation. Main Rinse is an anagram for "I'M
A SINNER". This is just a reminder to us that we are
no better than the next guy and we were put on earth
to fellowship with all mankind, not just those who
look, think, and live like ourselves. Hopefully this
will give you a small insight into our company values.
Thanks again for your inquires and we hope you enjoy
our products.