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Does Anyone Know about Golfing..


Registered Member
I need help quickly and the easiest way to know this... I'm trying to get a golf gift for my brother-in-law and know nothing about it..

I turn to any pop malt member that is a golf enthusiast that can some questions...

For now all I need to know is what is the difference between the British Open, PGA Championship, Masters etc?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Well, those probably won't help with any golf gifts but I can answer anyway. Those are the major professional tournaments that they compete in. There are actually four...PGA, Masters, British and the US Open.

Were you looking for a good set of clubs to buy? Balls...tees...bag...those are all important too.


Well-Known Member
I recommend trying to get him tickets to a nearby golf tournament. I took my brother to the bridgestone invitational a few years back and we had a blast. See if they have tickets to the practice rounds. Its where all the golfers play a round with other golfers before the tournament begins. We were able to get autographs and talk to some of the players which was pretty neat.