does anyone go long distance running?


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i love running, it's great. i need to get back into practise though! can't wait 'til the holidays; i'll be able to run alot then.
does anyone else run?
sorry if this is in the wrong board or whatever! =]


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I used to do it. My friends and I would alternate running and swimming days. Now I just don't have the time and not sure if I still can without getting a heart attack :lol:. My mates don't live here either (we've all moved). I don't like running alone.
Not for me. It's killer on my joints and the smog here is terrible. I prefer to go swimming instead since it doesn't hurt my joints, it's hot and it's fun! :boat:


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I used to run a lot of long distance but naturally I am a sprinter so I do a lot of that, I need to stay in shape for track somehow ;)

Usually I like to run on a track because sprinting is very particular and you have to have perfect form, although I also sprint up my driveway (it's a long uphill) and it seems to be helping a lot.

I will admit though that sometimes a good long distance run can do you some good.


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I'm better at sprints, but I'm better suited to long distance, although that doesn't really seem to make sense. I do enjoy long distance running more than sprinting.


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I live in the middle of nowhere so it kinda comes with the teritory, I do enjoy it though - plus it gets me out the house more!