does anyone else...

not really listen to music? i enjoy music but i dont really ever listen to it... when driving in the car i usually have the stereo off and i might listen to my ipod at school while waiting for class but i barely go through more than 5 songs a day.


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I don't understand how you can say you enjoy music but you don't listen to it. How can you enjoy something you don't do?


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There was a period when I haven't really "listened" to music - meaning, no radios, CD players (especially when we just moved and it's the last box we opened) or the likes. I don't even watch MTV. I felt like I'm missing something. I'm back now to listening to songs I like or discovering new ones (youtube or links people ask me to listen to).
I dont really listen to mainstream music these days. Basically because im waiting for rap to evolve into a respectable form of music again. It will happen im sure and its starting to get a little better i think, people are sick of the gangsta shit

I make my own music now, so i listen to it alot.


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There is no way in hell I could go without music, pretty much all the time. If I'm really pissed off about something, I'll sometimes even wear headphones and go to sleep.


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I listen to music all the time.. Its a rare day when i haven't listened to music for atleast a few hours.


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If I'm on my laptop then I'm listening to music. My MP3 player is a second penis to me, I'm always using it.

I love music, life would be a bore without it!


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Without music, I'd go nuts. Completely and utterly fucking nuts.

I need the background music that music readily delivers. I wouldn't be interested in a career in music, but I don't think I'd live too long without even some music. And five songs a day is WAY too little.


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There are times when I won't listen to Music, but those are the days that are right after I go see a concert. I needs time for the hearing to even out. But also there are days where I have to listen to music for school, and when I get home I don't want to hear any anymore.