does anyone else find the lack of surprises in NBA history to be disturbing?



Think about it, other than the Heat beating Dallas last year, can ANYONE remember the last time the underdog team in the finals won it all? It NEVER happens. The better team ALWAYS wins, whether it is the NBA finals, conference finals, semifinals, etc. There is no such thing as a cinderella team. Does anyone like it that the creme always rises to the top, or would it be better if there were more underdogs that stepped up?


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The refs beat the Mavs and everybody knows it. Let's hope that never happens again. Underdog fever is no reason to allow that kind of officiating.


THe refs beat the Mavs. That's the funniest sh*t I've heard in awhile.

I remember somebody making a graphic of the Mavericks logo calling them Maverefs and the referies the Mavs 6th Man. lol

The stupid ref comments never end. If the Mavs we're really so super-tight...they would've just beat the Heat so bad that one ref call here or there wouldn't change anything.

But yah.....if you don't like a loss.....that's always the easiest thing to say. Weak.

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that's the point of a 7 games series. The best team wins.
That's why I'm against having a 7 games series in the first round.
it should go back to being 5 IMO.

For the conference finals and finals, I'd like to see the two best teams battle it out. There shouldn't be an underdog in the NBA finals IMO.


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The Mavs choked, but they would have merely faltered if it wasn't for the refs. It's not an excuse, it's a reason.


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I didn't consider the Heat an underdog last season, they had a good team, and they had two superstars in Shaq and Wade. So I wouldn't consider them that much of an underdog even if the Mavs had better record.

I like the new playoff format with having 7 games in every series, I find it more exciting and it gives teams that are considered underdogs a better chance to win.

Also it's normal that you don't see underdog teams win that much, usually the best team wins, this isn't March Madness it's the NBA.

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Weren't the Pistons techinically considers underdogs against the Lakers in 2004?