Does any one know?


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[FONT=&quot]I am facing problem in converting video in any file format, that’s why I am looking for software which can convert video in any file format. I want to install software in my system which will help in converting any video in any file format. Does any one know about this kind of software? So, please let me know.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Thanks in advance!![/FONT]
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I think Sony Vegas should be good. It's an editing program, but you can choose just to render the file into almost anything


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VLC media player

Its free and does everything it is a real gem and I'd recommend discarding all other media players.

Once installed:

To convert files:
click 'open' (far left button)

select which menu is appropriate for the video you want to convert (file/DVD/network).

I shall assume its a file; press 'browse' and locate file, next tick the stream/save box and then press 'settings', a new window will open.

Moving down the page select the encapsulation method you would like to use for the new file (wav/mov/mp4 etc...)

Next tick the box next to video codec, and select the appropriate codec you want to use.
Tick the Audio codec box and select the appropriate codec from this menu for the sound.
(eg. if you are converting to a .mov file use a .mov codec like h264, use internet to find out which is best if your not sure).

Which encapsulation and which codec you use is dependant on what type of file you want.

Back to the top of the page and in outputs, tick the box next to file and use the 'browse' button to select a folder to save the new file in. when you choose a file name it is good practice to also include the file type(encapsulation method) so if you want to call it video_01 and you are using .wav encapulation type video_01.wav in the file name save box.

Click 'okay', 'okay' and 'okay' again and vlc will start running, it generally takes the same length of time as the video to convert to its new format.

Once complete locate the file on your computer and test it.
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Yeah VLC is a powerful little tool.

You can also use it to rip DVDs and stream direct to file from the internet.

One of the features that few people know about is to use it as a motion capture device, it can record what is on your screen! a great feature if you write tutorials or do video conferencing.

It is not the most attractive player and really is no thrills but what it lacks in looks it gains in versatility.


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I had no idea VLC could convert DVD to computer formatted files.

So can it do a DVD to a MKV OGM AVI?

I have both VLC and Media Player Classic to watch DLed material...

I prefer MPC.