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Does a person's politics & religion affect your opinion of them?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Politics and Religion are heated subjects about some of the most important issues in life. The differences between groups in both can be stark and divisive.

So, does someone having completely opposing political and/or religious views from your own make you think less of them as a person? Can you be close with someone that is more of an opposite to your ideals and not view them through that political/religious lens?

Discuss. :cool:


Sally Twit
I'm not going to lie, there have been times I've had heated arguments about Politics with friends. But at the end of the day I still care about them and they are my friend.

I definitely don't think less of people who have different views than my own, but sometimes I will question their beliefs to try and gain a better understanding of why they feel that way. Sometimes the answers make me angry so I try and stay well clear of the topic in general.


Well-Known Member
If it doesn't change your view of a person, I don't know what will.

Religion and political beliefs are some of the most important things about a person. The thing about Religion and politics is that they don't define who somebody is but rather reflect who they are. As far as I'm concerned, if I know the religion and political beliefs, that's all I need to know about a person to make a pretty good assessment of who they are.

Just my $0.02 though.


Son of Liberty
It depends. I can be close to someone whose politics or religous beliefs differ from mine, it does not make me think less of them. What makes me think less of people are comments they make, not what their viewpoint is. For example, when I hear someone say, whether in conversation or TV, "Obama inherited the economic mess George Bush created" I can't help but smile to myself and think of them as ill informed and unable to think for themselves. It's not because their opinion differs from mine, they can think Bush was the worst president of all time for all I care, it's the regurgitation of false narratives the media keeps repeating and the inability to think critically that makes think less of them.


Problematic Shitlord
So, does someone having completely opposing political and/or religious views from your own make you think less of them as a person?
Not inherently, but how they treat my own and others' views could make me think less of them.

Can you be close with someone that is more of an opposite to your ideals and not view them through that political/religious lens?
Depends on what it is obviously. For the most part yes but I have had some friends that were harder to get along with because of how passionate they were in their beliefs. I had a vegetarian friend in college who became vegan and was never invited to dinner with us again because of all the whining we'd have to listen to. We still hung out and she still came over our dorm to chill but her attitude did make it difficult for me to consider her a better friend.


Free Spirit
Staff member
It really depends, are they constantly trying to shove their views down my throat even though they know I don't care what they think or what they think about what I think. With some of my friends politics and religion are better kept out of the conversation because I'm not going to bow to their opinion if I don't agree with it.


Registered Member
For me, it's usually less about what they believe than about why they believe it. Someone can hold a view that's the complete opposite of mine, but if they have decent reasoning behind it, I'm okay with that.

Obviously, though, there are some views, where you can't be the opposite. If you a horribly sexist and racist person, I'm not going to put up with you.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My answer is similar to Wade's...when it comes to politics to me it's not the point of view but the reasoning behind it. I believe at the end of the day that most average people believe what they do because they want what's best for their given country, and we should be able to relate to each other that way. I've got friends and family with differing viewpoints and we get along just fine.

When it comes to differing religion points of view I actually celebrate those differences. I find the different variations on faith throughout the world to be a beautiful thing, and that we can learn from each others' philosophies in a very positive way.


still nobody's bitch
It really depends on how extreme those beliefs are, and how they express those beliefs.

Yes of course I think less of people like Fred Phelps, or people who follow religion blindly or follow a political party blindly without thinking for themselves.

I also find it disappointing that certain family members of mine follow the Catholic church's anti-gay rhetoric.


Registered Member
Like it has been said a few times before I don't tend to think differently of a person when their views are different than mine.
But when a person is, in my opinion, just plain ill informed and still is convinced they're totally right because some magazine or someone said something and take that as truth without checking the sources and make fun of other people's views and opinions...Then I think badly of them and try to avoid them.