Dodgers ink Randy Wolf


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Wolf isn't the greatest pitcher in the world but he's left-handed and he's mostly reliable. Solid pickup by the Dodgers.

Dodgers signed LHP Randy Wolf, who had been with the Astros, to a one-year, $5 million contract.

It's not necessarily a bargain, but it sure is a whole lot less than it appeared Wolf would get a few months ago. He can make up to $8 million at all, with bonuses that start at 170 innings. If he pitches 200 innings, he gets the whole amount. Wolf, though, hasn't pitched that many innings since 2003. Over the last five years, the only season in which he threw 170 was 2008, when he 12-12 with a 4.30 ERA in 190 1/3 innings for the Padres and Astros.


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Solid, yeah. I'm breathing a little easier today. It's with the mega-stars (Strawberry, Maddux, etc.) that the boys in blue always seem to get snakebit. This may turn out to be a good investment.


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Wolf is a consistent pitcher, he'll probably be a fourth or fifth starter. He can usally give you six to seven innings, sometimes allowing under four runs. I think this is a decent pick up, and he might surprise a lot of people.


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I'm not really shocked that L.A. got him. I have always liked the guy because, despite throwing a fastball anywhere between 84-90 MPH, he strikes out a lot of guys because of his deception in his delivery. He also throws a nice curveball that gives hitters from both sides of the plate fits, along with a good changeup. The only probem with Wolf has been his health. He's missed time with various elbow and shoulder injuries. But when he's on, he fanning hitters and keeping the ball down.

Now, all L.A. needs to do is re-sign Manny, and they'll be all set.