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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by The_Human_Pin, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. The_Human_Pin

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    well thats my latest and whoever buys it is sure of a crap load of advertising because we have had interest from networks like A&E and Discovery as long as they can buy the completed project.

    Heres one for you Andrew (LOL) you are a marketer think of the possibilities (LOL).

    Well anyways it will end up as a cool project that anyone can see me bleed alot and the reson's behind it all.

    B "THP" M

  2. Mirage

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    Just a question, what made you one day decide to go for all these records?? It doesn't strike me as something that somebody would just one day wake up and attempt! Are you pretty much numb to pain now?
  3. The_Human_Pin

    The_Human_Pin Registered Member

    Hell no the pain doing these things is incredible.

    I at first did it just as a promo for gaining clientelle as a piercer and thought I may get a little blurb in a local paper and low and behold it went world wide.

    Then unknown to anyone else I seen $ because I new if I became the best no matter (several have attempted but fallen short of my records) i would eventually be able to cash in on it.

    And now i see this if we can find funding for the documentary.

    and I laso have 2 diseases (kidney/bowel) that will stop me from working much within 5 or so years so I have to work to create a shop of my own that can support me.

    B "THP" M

    The good thing is I filmed and own 80% of everything I have done and the other 20% would be easy to get from local stations and such so most of the documentary is done thats why the price of my auction in reality is so cheap.

    B "THP" M
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  4. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    Hi and Welcome . I went looking around at your stuff WOW dude and I thought I was nuts..(I mean that in a good way) I think what you are doing is really cool. I wish you all the best with the filming and with getting your shop. You’re a really cool dude it takes Mega Balls to do those things. I know you want to keep your film in the US but if all else fails I would suggest that you contact the BBC.Your story is right up their alley. Also there are several Govt Grants that cover things like what you are doing. Anyway good luck and best wishes...
  5. The_Human_Pin

    The_Human_Pin Registered Member

    Thanks for the props and it is so bad that due to health I am officially retired (seriously endangered my life last time LOL)

    B "THP" M

    I lowered the price grrrrrrr

    B "THP" M

    8 hours to go and its not looking good....

    this actually really surprises me because this is almost a sure bet for huge advertising once we get it done and sold to a network (thats the easy part)

    but if I have to Ill find the funding elsewhere

    B "THP" M
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