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Doctors That Are Not On Board With Another


Registered Member
Do you ever find yourself in the predicament theat you talk to your primary doctor and they
have to discuss something with another before speaking to you again?

You in the meantime have to do all this waiting and makes you think something is worong.
Then you hear well I conferred with another doctor and we came up with 2 different conclusions..what do you do?

Do you listen to your primary, do you listen to the other doctor that may be better in the field of the problem or do you do something else altogether?

And to top it off what do you do if your health insurance causes any kind of delays?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sometimes its hard to determine what is wrong with someone so I can see why they would want to talk to another doctor or even send you to a specialist. That's usually when they start running bunch of tests.

I'm not sure what to tell you on what doctor to trust the most. I guess you have to trust your gut feeling.

Sometimes health insurance companies try to lay down on you and not pay your bills when they don't deem them necessary. You may have to get your doctor to call them to get the okay to do any tests or even put you in the hospital. If they still refuse payment or treatment and its covered in your plan you might have to sue them. Sometimes they can be hard to deal with.


Well-Known Member
My mom knows someone from just about every medical profession under the sun from cardiologist, dentists, and neurologists. My mom herself was a cancer nurse and we've got family friends that are ER nurses at various hospitals around the city. We usually ask around a bit when we have a problem if we don't know what it is.

As far as dentistry goes, I know a lot of people always get second opinions, I don't normally do this. I might go to the dentist to get something done off the recommendation of my orthodontist or the other way around though. I haven't been to the ortho in years though.