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Movies Doctor Who


True Blue Australian
I never want it to end, but it has, just yesterday.
Why, well at least it'll come back,

so anyway, who likes the show, (i need someting to talk about.)


Registered Member
i never really liked the show and i dont think it'll be comin back anytime soon unless its just on hiatus.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
The Doctor ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to see him make a come back. I just got season 3 on DVD yesterday. Now I have all three seasons on DVD = ).

I just ordered a life sized blow up TARDIS for my collection and I'm making the Door to my office look just like the TARDIS too.

Have you seen it's spinoff show TORCHWOOD yet?

Captn jack is in that one. So far it Awesome. Just like the doctor minus the TARDIS.

He if you like the Doctor then check out these videos that I made for the show.

YouTube - Dr Who :: Doctorin' the Tardis :: Take 2

YouTube - Dr Who ::: Reflections :::

YouTube - Dr Who :: Doctorin' the Tardis ::

YouTube - Doctor Who :: Walking in the Air ::

These are all Videos that I did for the show, I am working on 2 more with the BBCA staff as well as the BBC. Who knows where this will take me.

Can't wait to see this fridays episode "Master"

The Doctor isn't the last of the timelords, but now he is gonna have one hell of a fight on his hands now that the Master is back and has Taken the Doctors TARDIS and is hell bent on taking over the world.