Doctor Commits Suicide


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My former doctor committed suicide yesterday morning by jumping off a bridge yesterday. He was on trial for selling prescription drugs out of his office. He was facing more than 250 counts so that would of sent him to prison for a long time.

Believe it or not, this doctor actually saved my life. I saw him before he got into legal trouble. I was experiencing some chest pains and I went to see him one day and he told me I had heart problems. He was very concerned and even brought in a heart specialist to have me checked out. I had no idea he was running a pill mill and now I know where my money for the visit went.

Doctor commits suicide amid trial for drug trafficking


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Wow that's sad. Too bad he thought he could make extra cash on the side doing that. At least you can find another doctor now that you've already been keeping an eye on things. How are things anyway? Still doing ok I assume?


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I'm sorry to hear that, man. He was just trying to make a quick buck on the side and got the shitty end of the stick.

Do you have a good doctor now?


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Yeah, sorry about that, dude.

It's hard to imagine why a doctor would risk everything just to make a little extra cash.


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That really sucks.

I mean, he could've been selling the pills at a lower price for those who couldn't afford them, but who really knows?

I have a doctor (that I still go to) who spent three years in jail for prescribing his girlfriend narcotics. He's still a really good doctor; he just made a mistake.