Do your pets drink out of the toilet?


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I've had dogs in the past that I've caught drinking out of the toilet. I think most animals that are tall enough will do it every chance they have if they are thirsty. That's probably the best reason I can think of for closing the lid.

Closing the lid doesn't always work though:

YouTube - Dog attacks toilet


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Our dog never did. I think it's pretty gross. Just close the bathroom door and it won't be a problem.


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One of my cats used to do was pretty funny watching him perched on the edge, trying to balance on the seat as he attempted to drink the water. Lid is always down now though. He always had fresh water in his dish, but I guess there was something intriguing about the toilet water. Weirdo.


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Heck no the toilet seats are always down in my house due to the fact that my cat used to jump up on that to get to the bathroom sink to either sleep or drink.


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I can say that my two dogs don't drink from the toilet. If they did they would have blue tongues and muzzles. Might be funny to see. But no my dogs have their own drinking bowls and do not drink from the toilet.

I have seen toilet shaped dog dishes and thought about getting them, but the wife said no.