Do your homework when buying a car


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This is really scary stuff. Apparently people have been stealing cars and replacing the VIN's with VIN's from legal cars. Carfax report comes back clean and people buy the cars without any worry.

Car theft rings clone vehicles by taking license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN), and other tags and stickers from a legal car and putting them on a stolen vehicle of similar make and model.
But later on they find out their VIN was replaced and suddenly they find their car impounded, given back to the original owner and they STILL owe payments on it. After all, being scammed isn't covered by your insurance most of the time.

FBI breaks up $25 million 'car cloning' ring -

So if you are buying a fairly expensive car, have it checked out extensively before you sign the papers. You don't want something like this to happen to you.


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holy hell that is a bad deal. Fortunately I dont see myself making any new auto purchases any time soon. I mean heck I just wanna pay the one off that I have now! :hah:

Its amazing how some of these people get burned so hard when it comes to fraud. You'd think in todays day and age that the authoritive parties involved (police & fbi) would be a little more in favor of the people rather than being so useless. I mean even in the cases of ID theft, they really could care less and help as little as they possibly can. Its pretty pathetic if you ask me.

This is just a quick easy example of how expensive fraud can get, hopefully they've got the concept down and do something about it quick. Because from teh sounds of it, thats all pretty easy stuff. The kinda thing I could do myself, which is scary.