Do your friends and family know....


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Do any of your family and friends know that you post on General Forum, or you just keep it to yourself?

Only one family member knows that I post on General Forum and that's my brother, who is a member of these forums.

Other then that I don't anybody. Don't know why, but I dont see any reasons why they should know.

How about you guys?


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No. My family doesn't really visit a whole lot of sites on the internet. They're all the worst kind of noobs.


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Well two of my friends know about GF since I used to come on when drunk and at my friends house but none of my family members know other than my wife..;)


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As far as I'm aware nobody knows.
Not got any big reasons to tell anyone. "Oh hey I joined some forum" "go you".
But if I meet anyone who's into forums..maybe I'll tell them so they can join :D


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My family could easily just open up my laptop and look through my bookmarks, but I don't know that they would do that.

My friends do not know that I go to this forum, but it's not a big deal or anything. (They've never asked what forums I go to, nor would they really care.) It wouldn't be a big deal if they found out or not. I don't hide anything from them anymore.
The only people I know who use computers as much as me are people I talk to online. Nobody else has any idea what I'm doing on here, they aren't interested so I don't tell them :lol:
Nobody fullstop knows that I use this forum. Its a secret! Nah its not really but its not something that they need to know unless they ask. I just never thought to mention it to be honest...


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A couple friends who joined the site and do not post at all know I post here.

People may know I visit a few frequent sites but no. No one really knows what I do on the net beside FB.


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My family knows about GF but none of my friends do.

The only reason my family knows is because they've seen me on enough to have questioned me about it.