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Do You Worry About Your Salt Intake?


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How much salt that's in your diet of course has an effect on your blood pressure. High blood pressure of course can lead to many major heart related problems..
I already knew that Chinese food has a lot of salt or MSG in it. Reading this article and reading labels I try to not have take out food so I know how much salt is in my diet.

Do you eat Chinese food? Do you have a high blood pressure problem that you need to watch your salt intake?
Chinese takeaway can bust salt intake If you like salt in your diet after reading this will you now change your diet?
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Better Call Saul
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I went to the doctor in January because my blood pressure was high when I went to the gastroenterologist. I've been on meds the past two months and its down almost 20 points. So yeah, I check my salt intake alot. I stopped drinking as much caffeine too.

It sucks to have to pay attention to stuff lol


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I wonder when kids warm up food in the microwave do they know what sodium means? Sodium may be understood by health experts but I think they should use the words salt content instead on labels. So now everyone at every age understands what is in the food. I currently have a problem eating too much salt myself. I'm still eating frozen foods, side dishes, lunch meat that has plenty of salt.

Sometimes we order in Chinese food and I can tell it has salt in it. Monday the 19th i'm going back to my medicine Lisinopril that my doctor prescribed. I have to figure out how to eat better foods. I can eat plenty of fruit but not as much vegetables. As you probably guess I eat canned vegetables with salt. I don't like fresh vegetables as much as I do the cans.

As doesn't anyone make any frozen food without any salt in it? At this point I feel I'm in a quagmire, a mess that I can't get out of yet.
I would like to ask this.. Let's supposed that I bought canned vegetables with low or no sodium in it.. Can anyone tell me would it be a good idea to put this on my canned vegetables because I like the taste of salt... Salt Sense? If it's not a good idea then what else can I do?


Free Spirit
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I guess I'm lucky. I don't have high blood pressure, it runs around 105/58. Still I should watch my diet better. This last year I have been eating things I probably shouldn't. Mainly because of being so busy. Salt though I don't worry about but I don't use a ton of it, pepper is my thing, I also eat butter but not every day.

Better to have high blood pressure than low. At least something can be done about HBP but from what I've been told low is much harder to treat.


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I definitely have to worry about my salt intake because I have slight high blood pressure. It's also causing edema in my my legs and feet which in turn makes it very hard walk. I have bad circulation and doctors trying to figure out why water won't circulate through my whole body.
In fact I need to make an appt soon since the last time I was at the doctor was last Oct.

Salt in general I can't stand or don't use in any meal.


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My husband had gallbladder surgery 3 years ago, half of it was necrotic by the time they took it out. Anyways, as part of the healing process he had to watch his salt intake. So we stopped ordering heavy take out and I started making meals at home, making sure to watch the salt portions. It was a small adjustment, nothing life changing but it was nice to start cooking regularly and the results were beneficial to my husband in the end. Even helped with his blood pressure, so win-win in my books.


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My doctor says that my blood pressure is just fine.

I haven't been worried about my salt intake ever in my life. But I probably should worry about it more, even though my doctor is happy with my physical health at this point.