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Do you worry about copyright?


aka ginger warlock
With google images etc you can pretty much find any image of anything you can possibly imagine and post it where ever you wish to either by copying the image to your pc or by using the url link and I think most would never really think about it. I am not going to lie, I have probably broken copyright law more times than I can remember and I am aware that is very much illegal. Do you worry though? I am not saying confess to anything but are you worried or even concerned about breaking even basic copyright laws?


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Keep in mind that using the original URL for the image is simply not breaking the copyright, technically that is in fact linking to the image in the original location which could be defined as actually supporting them.

As far as images go I think that most images don't have a copyright. Here is the way I understand it, when somebody uploads an image to say InterfaceLIFT: Wallpaper sorted by Date they give that image to the world essentially.

I am aware that some images that appear on google images do in fact have a copyright but I honestly have no idea how to identify them.

Music piracy is a lot worse than image piracy if you ask me. :lol:
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I think images posted on the net are out there as public doman, and they can be copied. Those who do not wish their images use watermark them, or prevent them from being copied. You will find images from time to time like that.

This is why I am careful about what personal photos I publish on the internet. If they are a pic of someone I would rather not be copied by someone else, I don't publish it publically.

Now in the case of someone taking a person's photos, and say creating a facebook page with their name and photos, and defame their character, that would fall more in line with cyber bullying, and that is a crime. I am not sure what the ramifications are if someone takes another person's photos they have online and say it is them without also disparaging that person's character. I think that happens a lot, but I have no idea if it is illegal if there is no harmful intent. Probably not since I have never once heard of any court case resulting from something like that. I have been on several forums where a member was found out to be using someone else's photos saying it was them and i've never heard of legal action thus far.
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