TV Do you watch true crime shows?


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I watch the following shows

Unsolved Mysteries
City Confidential
American Justice
The First 48
48 Hours Mystery
48 Hours: Hard Evidence


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Every now and then i'll watch the crime channel. The only shows I find really interesting are the profiles on serial killers.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'll watch some documentaries sometimes (they do specials every now and then) but not regular shows about crimes. Every now and then we'd watch Faites Entrer l'accusé focused on big crimes that have happened.
Occasionally I'd watch Medical Detectives. What makes it interesting is some of the cases happened nearly ten years ago, how those methods had developed paving the way for modern forensics.


Sally Twit
I love True Crime but I hardly ever see any shows about it. I read more than I watch. If anyone has any recommendations that'd be great.


Sultan of Swat
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Sometimes I'll watch Cops with my friends if there's nothing on, it's always good for a good laugh. Other then that I honestly don't really care for them.