Do you want to be your parents?


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I mean, when you'll have think you would parent your children the same way your parents raised you and your brothers/sisters?

If you already have you see a similarity between your parenting style and those of your parents?
i know its typical to say you don't wanna be like your parents when your my age and thinking about kids, but i don't see that opinion changing anytime soon. My dad was never around even though he had sole custody of me, and i can honestly say i would never do that to my children.


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No, I wouldn't. I would probably take after my aunt tracy or Jeanie, just because I think they have better parenting skills.

WWJD? lol


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I would very much like to resemble my mum when it comes to parenting. I learned from my parents mistakes (mistakes which I personally think they made and not something they might think as a mistake. Confused?)
I believe I am different in the way I'm raising my child and would like to believe that I've taken the good points from my mum and the good points I learned myself from observation.


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I think that I will follow after my parents I think that they've done a great job raising me, I think that they would be great people to follow after.


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I'd love to be like my parents, but a little more lenient and more fun. I've learned a lot from them and I think they've done a great job raising me and my sisters.


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If I could be a mix between my Moms Fun and my Dads Strict, I'd be happy. I dont have kids yet but I assume its not easy for just 1 parent to be both at all times. Hopefully I'll find a balance in there.


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Yep, I want to be like them and see a lot of the way they raised us coming out in me. Of course, we are also integrating ways Knyte was raised so it's a little different then just my parents but I think with both my mom and dad and my in laws we have some great examples to look at.


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I'd like the way my mom encouraged openness in the relationship. There were things that kids don't normally tell their parents for fear or consequence or not being understood. I never had to hide my gimmicks with my mom. She also helped me get good study habits. These two are the main things I'm trying to do with my own children. The other stuff my parents did (or not do), I'd rather not copy.


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If i can raise my kids as well as my mum and dad raised me i'll be happy,they taught me and my brother's/sister's all the things you would expect,respect for your elder,s all that kind of stuff.
We grew up in a fun house but they were strict when they needed to be.
They are now raising 4 of there grand children,and have done since there mum passed away nearly ten years ago.