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Discuss Do you use your bookmarks or just type in the address?


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Do you take the time to search your bookmarks when you're coming here, or to amazon, fox news, CNN or whatever and then click on that bookmark?

Or - do you just go up to the address bar and type in gen and click on the drop-down that brings you here, just type in amazon and hit enter, just type in cnn and hit enter?

I used to know a guy who had about 500 bookmarks and spent untold amounts of time searching his bookmarks for what he wanted rather than just typing in amazon and hitting the enter key. It just amazed me.

A lot of you probably know of my website - I have one particular friend who cannot find it, even though we have been friends since 1984, if I don't post a hotlink in my e-mails to her. Duh, it's pretty simple - the first 3 letters of my first name and the first 3 letters of my family name. Course that's the same person who doesn't "have real internet at home, can just get e-mail" so maybe that explains it?! She has to go to the library to use their "real internet". Huh? What does that even mean? Any ideas?


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I mostly use bookmarks and I have GF bookmarked on my bookmarks tool bar so I can get to it fast. All my news sites I have organized under 'news' but I do need to delete some of them. I'm getting a lot of them and some I never go to anymore.

I also search for some things but usually its something I heard on TV that I want to investigate further or a place I rarely go to.

Maybe she only has email. We had the option for a couple of dollars a month with this one provider we were with once to have only email access.


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For a site like this one, or any that I know the address of I would never use a bookmark. I use Chrome as my browser and you don't even need to type in the whole address, one or two letters will do if you've visited the site before.

Perhaps a bookmark would come in handy for your friend though :lol:


I'm serious
I only use bookmarks on my work computer, because the websites I use for work are obviously complicated to remember, and not just a question of searching for something. But for my personal computer, I never use bookmarks.


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I bookmark the sites that I visit on a regular basis. I have them on the bookmarks bar on Chrome and it's really quick and easy to press the button for the site I want to go to. A little easier than typing a few letters into the address bar. For other sites that I want bookmarked but don't want to see on the bookmarks bar, I keep them organized in folders.

I have 23 bookmarks. I could probably delete a few of them. Some of them are only there for reminders of things I want to check out, like the Watch Later feature on YouTube, then I just delete them when I don't need them anymore.

I agree that having too many bookmarks kind of defeats the purpose of having bookmarks in the first place. Especially if you don't have them organized so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.


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I too use the bookmarks bar on Chrome. I visit so many sites frequently that it's difficult to fit all of them up there :lol:. I've found myself making folders to group together the stuff that would otherwise take up a ton of space (for example, on my bookmarks bar I have a folder that links to tons of different websites for Sindarin Elvish language, I use this for writing my book)

I don't bookmark on my phone because most of the sites I visit regularly have an app that I'd rather download (ebay, facebook, youtube, imdb, etc.) On my phone I pretty much access GF and do google searches from my browser so bookmarks aren't really necessary.


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I love Chrome for this! I add every site I visit to the bookmarks bar and then remove any description of it. That way all I have to do is click the icon for what I want to visit or open them all up in tabs.


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I actually use bookmarks all the time. I have all of them organized and available to be pulled with ease.

On top of having my bookmarks, I have a favorite bar. The favorites bar has my links I use most often. (IE timecard, work schedule, GF User Control Panel, GF New Posts, etc) I use my computer for work so having the direct links in my favorites bar makes life easier.

In my line of work, many of my colleagues have gigs worth of backed up bookmark lists. We even share them... So yeah. LIVE by bookmarks.