Do you use reusable shopping bags?


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Hi all

I was wondering if any of you use reusable shopping bags?
I got a few as a gift from one of my Green friends. At first I didn't use them but now I use them all the time.

After she pointed out all the good that comes from using them i do my best to use them when ever I go shopping. I keep them in a milk crate in the trunk and bring them in with me no.

As my friend Jen says "every little bit helps".

So do you use them?

I always plan to but it never quite ends up happening. I know that my stepmom does, and my mom uses plastic shopping bags for many other things; we never just toss them.


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I try to remember to put them back in my car when I have used them. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't and then sometimes they are in the car and I still forget to bring them in with me.


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I use to them, as garbage bags, and to pack my lunches for work. But after that I throw them out. I know it's not good for the environement.

But me and my family did cut down on using plastic bags that you get at grocery stores, or shopping stores.
I use them for trash bags as much as possible (except the ones with huge holes in them). After that, I'll toss them out with the garbage.


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No, No I do not.. However I reuse shopping bags lol.. Typically to fill my smaller trashcans. =)


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We have this kinda Green Bags here, not plastic and my mum always uses it. Pretty much doesn't like plastic bags.


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I have a tote that says "Save the Polar Bears" on it that I keep in my car. Sometimes I forget its there, but I'm getting better about bringing it in with me when I shop.