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Do you use full words, or abbreviate everything?


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I have got into a kind of mindset where I generally spell everything out with words. Or at least 95% or something.

However, some choose to abbreviate things and back up their comments and replies with terms such as 'lol' and 'lmao' and 'rofl' and the smileys of course. I understand the reasons behind this completely, it is all cool by me, yet somehow I don't find it particularly enticing to do myself. If something made me laugh out loud, I will usually comment by actually saying. 'That was funny' or 'My ribs are splitting' etc.

Do any other users use these short internet abbreviations on a regular basis, or stick with plain English.

I am not the sort of person who will moan or be a horrid scumbag towards you if you do either. I just kind of wondered. Thanks.


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I sometimes use LOL. Only because I cannot be bother to find the laughing smiley or just because I cannot think of anything else to emphasise the fact I find something funny.

I do find LOL, LMAO etc very annoying though. But I can't really be hypocritical now can I.

Now you mention it I think saying things in plain english such as "my ribs are splitting" is way cooler and funnier than jus LOL.


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I use a few of the standard internet abbreviations. You'll also see me shorten words with an apostrophe like 'net, goin', and other similar words.

I generally try to spell out most of my words.


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I try to avoid internet abbreviations, especially in my posts. I like to write everything out in full English. In chat or on [strike]IM[/strike] instant messenger I'm a little less anal about it and I say "brb" or use smileys a little more often. I never use "lol" though. I like "haha" better.


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I use the general abbreviations, such as lol, IM, brb, etc. Generally though, I type everything in full. The odd text message I send does have a 'u' or 'r' in there though.


A Darker Knight
I had some mindset back in the day that I wouldn't be one of "those people" who used lol all the time so I never used it. To this day, I still don't but now it's a habit. I just use the appropriate number of "ha"s. :lol:

I try to avoid abbreviations too probably because of the same mentality as the lol thing. I will use stuff like brb or ttyl our of laziness.

I find that it's also easier to write casually and for school because I don't have to switch modes from chat speak to proper spelling.


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I use the general ones, brb, lol etc. And I only shorten sentences when I am busy or typing fast because I have to get off the computer. But it's always plain english.


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I use words like "lol" and "lmfao" on the forum and on Instant Messengers, I don't mind using internet abbreviations.

Apart from the most common internet abbreviations, I like to keep all my words spelt the way they were supposed to.


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I abbreviate a lot. But it doesn't usually say everything I wanna say so I add things sometimes like "brb. Gotta leak." or "ROFLMFAO! That was fkn hilarious!" But if someone says something that might seem kind of rude and doesn't add "lol" or an emo, it's tuff to be sure if they were serious or just joking.


Depends on what I'm doing, where I'm doing it and how I'm doing it. If I'm on a forum I'll most likely spell everything out. If I'm in a game, however, I'll most likely abbreviate so I don't lose my puuu~rtty score. Can't have those dude type killing me when I'm trying to remind somebody of something by saying "By the way, that dude is somewhere near, I hear footsteps!". Luckily, though, video games are becoming more and more mic based, so the fear of type killing will soon be abolished. Hardy har har, you mother fookers that knife me while I'm typing. Go back to receiving your headshot via shotgun, sucka. =D
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