Do you understand yours cats meows?


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Can you tell what your cats want/mean when they meow? I can tell by the type of meows my cats make what they want. I know the ''I want a fuss meow'' I know the ''I'm hungry meow'' and I know the ''hello'' meow, I also know the angry meow. I really feel as if my cats are talking to me and I love it when they do their hello meow some of my cats also make funny noises when they are saying hello but it is hard to describe the noise. Do you understand your cats and what kind of behaviour do your cats show when they want something?


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My friends cat meows all the time and when it's mad it screeches. When I go over to his house it always follows me around and meows like it's asking for a treat or something.


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Yes, I exactly know what you mean. My tomcat is the same, he talks to me. Did you know cats don't meow when growing up without humans? It's indeed their attempt to mimic human language.

Anyway, my tomcat, when entering the room, sometimes does a short, almost purring meow as a "hello". When I then say "hey" or such, he sometimes even replies with another one. Sometimes we even exchange such a "hello" three or four times in a row.

When he wants attention, he does a light and longer, clear meow. When I then react and look at him, he will either attempt to run to the food cup, expecting me to follow, or he keeps still, staring at me, which means he wants me to pet him. Or he is about catching a moth flying too high, in which case that means he asks me to help him.

When I pet him but he doesn't feel like it, he will softly take my hand with his claws and bite, but soon licking it again, to signal he doesn't want to hurt me. But it means he wants to be left alone.

So yes, we really know how to communicate with each other. :)


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Yep I could tell most of the time what mine wanted but sometimes I couldn't and that frustrated me. I just finished a book by Koontz where this guy could talk with animals. Nothing like those movies but sometimes I really wish I could understand them.


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Didn't even have to think twice about this one.
Yes I can understand their meows. I know the one for let me out,Feed me, hey pet me, Fuck off, and many more.

I have always had cats in my life, so I am used to them and what they want. Same with the dogs too.
Given any amount of time with any animal you begin to understand their mannerisms and quirks and what they want.

I would actually like to understand my pets, it would be cool to know what they think about in a days time.
I never really paid attention until a couple of years ago. I started to recognize that each meow meant something different, and it wasn't always about food. Smart kitty. ^_^


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I can usually tell what my cats want by the kind of meow they use. There's the greeting meow, the "I'm hungry!" meow, "Open this door for me!" meow, "Give me pet pets!" meow, etc.

There is still one that I can't interpret though. My big orange kitty will often times sit on the weight bench and stare up at this picture I have on the wall, and he'll make a really loud, demanding meow...usually when I'm trying to sleep too...but I have no idea what he wants. Sometimes I'll pick him up and hold him up to the picture so he can sniff and paw at it, but I dunno...I don't think that's what he's really after on those occasions. Maybe he thinks it's a window and wants to see what's outside. Whooo knows.