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Do you trust Wikipedia?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wikipedia is now one of the most cited references, if not the most cited reference, that people rely on while surfing the web. Any person can easily go onto Wikipedia and say whatever they want.

How much do you trust Wikipedia?


I can't say it trust it 100%. When I look for something I don't know, I don't rely only on Wiki but I also check out other sites.
I've heard (long ago) that Wiki is not very reliable.
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I admit, I do. Whenever I need to find any sort of information I immediately go to wikipedia to find out the answer. I know I probably shouldn't trust it 100% but I pretty much do.


Babeasaurus Sex
Hhahaha not as much as I trust IMDB :)

I have to say though my general rule is if it's on wiki then no-ones rewritten it yet so it must be true for now :)


I'm serious
I know Wiki is not 100% reliable, but I use it all the time. It's my number one source when I want to read up on anything historical or mythological. I wouldn't use it to write something that has to be 100% accurate though, in case I make a fool of myself. But I think for what I use it (my own knowledge) it suffices. *shrugs*


yellow 4!
Sadly I trust Wiki for just about everything. As Idi said though, I only really use it for my own knowledge so it's not a huge deal. Every so often I'll search something on there for school purposes but whatever I find I always make sure to check it against other sources for validity. But even then that's not because I don't trust it, more so because we're not allowed to reference or cite Wikipedia in reports or essays etc, for obvious reasons.


Registered Member
Whenever I'm reading a subject on some website and some tech term confuses me I just search it on Wikipedia and wikipedia provides me an apt understanding of that term. So yeah I guess do trust it because so far, after searching many terms through their database, I haven't come across anything because of which I'll label Wiki as untrustworthy


Registered Member
I think the alleged lack of reliability of Wikipedia is overrated. Or rather, the reliability of traditional compendiums or encyclopedias is overrated: When you check standard works of that kind, you find many of them are just as flawed, if not more, than Wikipedia -- that's because on many articles, just one author worked on, and those who revised it were sloppy, and it isn't transparent at all.

Wikipedia may not be more reliable, but at least it's fair insofar as everybody who believes an article there is wrong can correct or amend it, hundreds of people are working on it, and it is fully transparent. That's more than tradictional encyclopedias have to offer.


Mark ov teh Pond
I believe in Wikipedia. I got a friend who has over 40+ GA (Good Article) pages on Norse Mythology. It's devoted people like him all over, that actually read every bit of source material they come across for the purpose of editing pages. Make sure that those who are truly interested in seeking the knowledge find their way.

The authors do have discussions and debates over articles. Personal opinions are only placed where source material is not found. Even then they don't last, so yes, like so many others I have faith in the information listed. I use it as a main reference material.

Since we're on the topic though - ~LoL~


Lion Rampant
When it first started up, Wikipedia was kind of shaky. I think that early reputation still dogs it somewhat. But there are so many people dedicated to it now, and so much redundant checking ongoing, that suspect information is quickly caught and corrected. It's been a long time since I read something on Wiki that was contradicted by any other credible reference.