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Do you trust the Supreme Court?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I couldn't track it down, but I recently read a newspaper article about views on the Supreme Court. The writer spoke about a time in which no matter what political party the U.S. Executive and Legislative branches seemed to represent, the Judicial Branch could always be seen as an impartial source of balance and legal interpretation within our system.

Nowadays, that does not seem to be the standard viewpoint. "Activist judges" is a political buzz phrase created by conservatives, but is one that seems to apply to everyone. When people are able to estimate a person's political affiliation, and that person is opposed to them politically, individuals seem to doubt that judges' impartiality in most cases.

So, what's your take on the modern Supreme Court? Do you trust it as an unbiased source of interpretation for the law? Is anyone truly impartial on the Supreme Court? Discuss.


Embrace the Suck
Judicial Activism is not a term coined by conservatives. It came about during the FDR administration and the Supreme Court changing its stance on much of the New Deal and finding things Constitutional after doing the exact opposite. It's a term used to describe Judges and Justices that do not follow the original intent of the Constitution. Most of this has been done since the Owen Roberts Court. You see this in cases like Wickard and Carter.

No I do not trust the Supreme Court anymore. Even with cases such as Lopez and Morrison, I still think its become acceptable to rule on personal feelings rather than the Constitution itself. Not just from the judiciary, but from the public as well. It seems most don't care enough to read the Constitution and any accompanying cases, or the Federalist Papers themselves.


Free Spirit
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I trust them but not blindly. I learned a long time ago if you trust someone or in something too much they will quit often end up taking advantage of that trust.

I think most people are going to be bias but if you are going to be a supreme court judge you should try to rise above it and make a judgement that is impartial. Our country and way of life depends a great deal on what comes out of that court.