Do you tip when you do take-out?


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I have always wondered why...

When you place a take out order and get a total. If you pay with a credit or Debit card you are typically see something like this

Food - $26.50

Tip - ________

Total- _______

SIGN X __________

Are they expecting you to tip for take out service?

Yes I know it's just part of the receipt, but I have seen the cashier giving dirty looks to people who don't tip on take out purchases.

I don't tip for take out, there is no reason why I should tip them for ringing up my food and handing it to me.
It's not like they did anything other than taking your order and handing your food (you total is for the cost of cooking the food and the food it's self) so why do they think you are going to leave a tip?

So my question to all of you is...Doy you tip when doing Take out?


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The receipts are generic across the board. It's how they are programed. And no it's not expected. I only tip the pizza man and when I dine in.


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I never tip on take-out and no one I know does. You had to go pick it up so why should you give them a tip? I mean it would be courtesy to do it, but it happens.


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It's definately pre-programmed, i had it put on PDQ reciepts when i was managing a pub/restaurant, just to show that there's no service charge on the food prices.

I always tip when out eating, unless there's a good reason, not so much on take outs.


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I normally do not. I did at a restaurant I frequent once, and was going to do so the other night again when I picked up some food, but they pissed me off so I didn't.


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yes and no... it really depends on the place. Takeout in general I dont tip. For instance the Applebees Carside pickup... I never tip. IMO a Tip must be earned its not something thats just given. Seems like the only places I leave a tip are usually the mom & pop style take out places. Theres a real nice chinese restaurant in town that we'll go to once every month or two. Even if you call it in and arrive when they tell you to you always end up sitting at their bar for a couple minutes. But its cool 'cause they always give me free hot tea and the people are real nice, always willing to keep you entertained and content. So for their conversational worth I always leave a 5 dollar or so tip.


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I never tip on take-out and no one I know does. You had to go pick it up so why should you give them a tip? I mean it would be courtesy to do it, but it happens.
I work at Chili's and I can explain to you why the people who do "To-Go" would like a tip. Its because if you're ordering something they are the ones who are getting your food prepared and waiting for your food to be made right. They have to talk to the cooks about specifications while the cooks are dealing with the orders in the restaurant. So it's very hectic, and after all their work on a $25 tab from someone ordering their food To-Go they can't even leave a friggin $2 tip for their work and time. It's pretty messed up. I've seen bills up to $100 and the only tip they would get would be $5, not cool.

SO they next time you go to Chili's or another place that's preparing your food, at least leave them something like a dollar or two, this isn't the depression and y'all know how to tip.



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They have a jar out at the front that says tips, even though Buon Giorno down the road has a tip jar that says "Tits" on it, eh I laughed at it until they changed it to tips. :p

Yeah, I give 20 c.


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I usually give them a couple of bucks, maybe two dollars. I never tip the same amount as I do when I go to a restaurant. I just don't think its the same service.