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Do You Throw Out Trash Properly?


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Are you one that recycles? When you go out do you just throw trash wherever you want?
I was just driving around and took notice of a lot of litter on the streets because people are to lazy to wait to get home and throw out their garbage when they get home.

Here's a short video of 3 thrings that people do not recycle correctly..
MSN Entertainment -

Did you know about these 3 things?


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Yes, I ALWAYS dispose of my trash properly, without exception. I think littering is one of the most disgusting, disrespectful things people can do. I also recycle whenever I can unless I'm out and can't find a recycling bin anywhere. It takes almost no effort whatsoever to do this, and it's sad that some people just don't care.


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I am the same as Major. I really don't like seeing trash thrown on the ground instead of in a bin. It doesn't take much, and if you can't find anything then take it home to put in the bin. I recycle as much as i can, and waste as little as possible, it isn't difficult at all.


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I recycle most stuff but I also don't go to extremes. I won't throw out oil or chemicals, electronics, batteries, etc. I just take them to the dump to dispose of them properly. I recycle number one and two plastic as that is the only plastic that my dump accepts.


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It'a all about the region where you live and people's upbringing. My town is very clean and tidy, though it wasn't like this 10 years ago. It's clean because our administration began to look after the streets properly