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Do you think they should offer more computer classes in school or less?
In my district, they are mandatory twice, once in jr. high and once in high school. I dont think any more than that is necessary. Its not like everyone needs to be an awesome coder like hybrix ;)

That would put him out of the job.


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I personally wouldn't have minded another computer class in grammar/high school. Hell, i wouldn't mind a nice coding course in college either. But then again I'm an Electrical Engineering major, so i don't do too much coding.


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Well let's not discount classes that teach you things like office programs and how to type. In today's business world those are highly necessary skills.

I think typing should be a required class, as well as one basic office software that covers the basic Microsoft Office software but especially Excel.
My girls have had computer lab classes since elementary school, I don't think they can get too much computer training these days.

All I got was 2 years of shorthand classes, but I'm still damn good at it.:D


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they should teach classes up to a point and then if they want extra knowledge they can go to college if they are looking for getting a job in that kind of area.

I myself am self taught with computers for the most part and have to say that it's much easier to teach yourself then it is to learn from a teacher.


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I think we need a decent amount of computer basic courses. Hell, my dumbassed district cut back on programs and now they're wondering why their students can't figure out how to use email.


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The schools out here require that the students have 30 min a day to do computer work and learning assignments. (at least my sons does)

Some schools out here have gone to the video professor CBL's for their classes.

I think most of the younger generation will have more and more use of them in the classroom as time goes by..There are even some Paperless schools, they do everything on computers that they have built into their desks.

My oldest son goes to a private school in AZ that is like that. They do everything on their computers.

So my answer would have to be yes..They should have more computer based learning classes from grade K on up to 12th grade

But I also think that there things you can't learn from a book or computer..So they need hands on types of schools too.


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There's much more important stuff to be learning, but I do think everyone should at least know how to use a computer. Beyond that I think computer courses should be optional.