Do you think you are a good judge of character?


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Pretty simple question here for everyone. Can you tell if someone is sketchy, liar, jerk or nice guy to name a few traits? Do you think you are a pretty good judge of character?



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I think I am. I've seen a fair number of different "types"' of people. You have the big talkers, the people who love to show off/boast, innocent, manipulative, genuinely friendly, etc.

It's actually pretty interesting to be able to sort of place people in different categories. I've never actually done the same with myself. I figure it's hard for me to get a 3rd person perspective on myself.


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Interesting question!!!!
Ive been told I am... "intuitive". Ive also been told I have "ESP". So according to other folks I suppose I am a good judge.
No, I suck. I usually end up not liking those that I once thought were really good people. It's kind of funny but also really really annoying :lol: You can't exactly tell someone that you don't like them any more. Well I can't, anyway. Obviously it doesn't happen with everyone, and if I can get past the 6 month mark and still like someone, then I pretty much know I can trust myself not to have made that mistake.

That applies when gradually getting to know new people. If it's someone that I spend a lot of time with straight off the bat then I know much sooner if I judged their character right/wrong.


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Yes I believe I am.

I'm good at psycho analysis and I can generally tell what people are about.

That doesn't mean I can't be fooled, or more accurately I allow myself to be fooled.

Sometimes I know someone isn't my sort of person but I'll befriend them anyway, I find it interesting to surround myself with as many different people as possible. Although my three best friends are all very similar.


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It's a yes and no for me, sometimes I'll be dead on with someone I just met and sometimes I'll be so wrong. But with that being said, I always told myself not to judge someone until you know him/her very well, since your thoughts on this person can be different then you expected.