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Do you think the Miz is ready to be world champion?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Miz has had the Money in the Bank briefcase for quite some time now, there as to be a reason why he hasn't cashed in yet. Maybe the WWE are just waiting for the best oppurtunity or, they are riding Orton as long as they possibly can.

With that said, do you believe The Miz is ready to be World Champion and be the main guy of this company?



Where is my Queen?
It seems like we had this discussion before...CM Punk...anybody. When CM Punk cashed in the briefcase, I believed he wasn't ready, he was a good transitional champion and it propelled him to become a legit World Champion. I believe that The Miz is on the same boat, he will make a good transitional, I am pretty sure that Orton will put him over and possibly CM Punk, but whoever the champion is at the time he cashes in will win it back from him eventually and I believe it will propel The Miz to main event material.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I do think that Miz would make a great Champ, whether now or a while down the road. I'm still thinking he'll lose when he tries to cash in MiTB, just because no one has before and he's a really hateable heel.

If he won the belt tonight on RAW, I'd be happy. If it were still another year, I'd understand...when his time comes, he'll be the man.


I ♥ Haters
I agree with what Unity says. I kinda get the feeling that he will lose once he cashes in his MiTB, but from everything that I've seen from him, I think he'll make a fine champion. He's got everything - charisma, mat skills, mic skills. He's anything but boring. So, I actually want him to win the Championship, but you never really know which direction the WWE will move in.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Pretty much agree with the overall thought here...

I think Miz ready right now though, without any question. He's got it all and he's ready to be one of the big guys in the WWE.
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