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do you think it's geneticly possible....


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Do you think it's geneticly possible to break down the DNA of a cockroach and find the strain that makes them impervious to certain elements, and introduce the strain to our own DNA?
Also is photosynthesis a possibility for humans?
Can research on lizards with the ability to grow limbs back be an answer to growing back our own appendages?
What do you think?


still nobody's bitch
DNA contains information that codes for specific genes. There aren't "strains" of DNA. There probably isn't one cockroach gene that makes them impervious to certain elements.

Photosynthesis in humans isn't possible because our cells do not contain the organelles responsible for photosynthesis (chloroplasts)

as to your last question, I think that cloning technology might be more useful to this endeavor, as well as safer than trying to combine human and reptile DNA. sounds like a bad science fiction film.


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I don't think I would want DNA from a cockroach to be a part of the human DNA, especially mine! But then again, they seem to be able to live forever, thru nulcear blasts and stuff, so maybe, if they mixed the human DNA with the bug DNA, people could live thru a nuclear blast-?? Dear God what am I saying??


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That's what I was thinking lol surviving a nuclear blast:)
Lizard skin mmmm.... not so pretty although changing colors might be cool.
But in all seriousness i think genetic research is important, that it might be the key to making us all live longer healthier lives. As long as we don't use babies or endangered animals right?

Also, stem cell research..... it is possible to study stem cell research with umbilical cords, it is a fact, but it cost like 5,000 dollars to freeze the cord??? They say it can be used to grow skin back cure certain cancers and potentially grow back missing limbs.... Now i don't know but, weren't they paying people to use their eggs, and fetuses to do research??? And isn't that why they stopped, because they ran out of funding? I wouldn't mind donating the cord, if it means that we could solve these problems and it would cut back on the funding to do so. So why is it costing us now?