Do you talk to yourself?

I do, usually when I'm at work. I tend to mumble something about a client or missing file. I'll do it at home sometimes too, especially on AIM..things like.."seriously? Oh no you didn't..what a jerk" as I'm responding with the same thing I'm saying out loud.
Talk to myself, like a schizophrenic? Or like just thinking to yourself out loud?

Everyone talks to themselves at some point, and I'll be honest and say I've actually had a conversation with myself:lol:because I was thoroughly unsure of something upcoming with my school career.


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Of course I talk to myself but most of the time when I'm at home alone or at work because I'm trying to remember what I was going to do or just bitching about a patients parent once I get off the phone with them.


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Yeah I talk to myself while I am working, sometimes when I am angry too.

The only time you have to worry about talking to yourself is when the voices in your head answer back, and they are starting to make sense.


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Yes, I do it occasionally. It helps me organize my thoughts or sometimes I come across and epiphany talking aloud what I am thinking subconsciously. I sometimes use it as a motivational tool when exercising or doing heavy lifts.

However, I only do it when I am alone and I have something heavy on my mind doesn't happen too often. However the bigger the problem the higher the stress the more I will talk aloud.


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I do basically anytime I am alone. I do it to organize my thoughts or to decide how to react to a certain situation that might be coming my way.. Or especially AFTER I have had an agrument with someone. I tend to say everything I wish I would have thought of during the argument.


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I mumble things out loud. well I guess there not loud if you mumble them, but I do talk to myself, usually when I need to remember lyrics, that's probably my most active time.


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I don't know.... Do I? Yes I do.

I find that a little bit of talking out loud isn't really that crazy. I think I do it most when I'm under pressure, like if I have a deadline I tend to start reassuring myself that I will finish, that I "can do it". It helps keep me focused.

However the line between keeping yourself on task and just being crazy can be determined if you talk to yourself and receive a reply.....


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I do talk to myself mostly when i'm trying to remember something like where i put my keys or phone,i also do it when im angry and there is no one to vent to!