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Do you talk a lot?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Are you someone that talks a lot?

I've been known to be a real blabber mouth at times. Especially when I start going. I wasn't really like that five years ago or so, but if it's a one on one discussion with someone then I seem to talk a lot, if I'm in a group it's not so much.

Another thing I do is that I talk pretty fast when I have discussions with people, which I cannot stand at times because they might not always understand what I say.

How about you guys?


Registered Member
No I don't really talk a lot, I'm a very quiet person... but if I'm left alone with a person that I don't know but someone I know knows them then I just blabber like a fool... hah


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Sometimes, yeah, I do talk a lot. If you get me going on something I'm interested in or maybe after I've had an energy drink or a rum and coke or something then watch out because I'll talk your FACE off.

I would say that the majority of the time I am very calm though; it just kind of depends on the situation.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yes. I like talking. Sometimes I think I talk too much and people get lost or bored. I have a test for that. I stop my stories midway on purpose and see if they ask for more. If they don't, then it means they're not following it or are not interested. So I shush.


yellow 4!
I prefer to listen. I can happily listen to someone talk for hours (or not) and not say a word except to ask questions or for more info. I don't really like to talk about myself because I just assume the other person isn't too interested so it takes a fair bit of encouragement for me to open up more, ha.
I also talk far more with one to one conversations than in groups. I really can go for hours without saying much at all in groups because I always seem to be off in my own little world daydreaming or something.

tl;dr: no, I don't.


Well-Known Member
It really depends. Once i've gotten past the awkwardness of first meeting someone, I don't shut the fuck up. And when i've got a couple drinks in me I will talk your FACE off (stealing that from Millz because I like it haha). But at the same time i'm perfectly happy to sit in silence with someone, or take a back seat in conversation.


Registered Member
with strangers im quite shy at first but once i get to know someone shutting me up seems to be a problem, i sometimes wish i could be quieter, the sound of my own voice dose annoy me eventually lol, im terrible for blabbing my own secrets too brilliant at keeping my friends but as soon as im drunk anythin about me i didnt want to tell people all comes spilling out!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'll talk as long as I have something to talk about. If I'm not a part of a conversation I just patiently wait for the subject to change or I add input if I'm asked. I generally do talk a lot, though.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't talk a whole lot, especially in groups. I prefer talking one on one, but even then I'm more of a listener. I talk more when I've had a few drinks.


It depends on the situation and where I am. A lot of my Mum's friends and my family know me as "the quiet one" because I hardly ever talk around them. Not in a rude way... but I just honestly never find the time to get a word in even if I want to, some people just don't stop talking.

On the other hand though I am known as one of the loud ones in my archery club. I feel really comfortable there and have a lot in common with all the other members so our shoots often turn into us just sitting around chatting for hours. :lol: