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Do you take trades?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi there my fellow collectors.

I have been known to trade from time to time, only when I want something and don't want to spend any money to get it.

I was think of starting the first ever GF Trading Post.

You can only make trades with other members..No cash! only goods or services are to be exchanged...This is an honor based system.

You can trade with other GF collectors and non collectors to try and get your stuff without having to spend a dime or just to get rid of cannon fodder pieces in your collection.

Good example..I have 2 complete sets of (4) Witch Blade series one chariters.....
Old Kid cartoons (VHS) many titles (Silver Hawks, He man, Go-bots)
Heelys size 11 mens (Near New)

Will take DS Games, Animes, web site help and comics and BATMAN stuff (as long as I don't already have) in trade for them.

Those were examples of the kinds of trades you can do in the Trading Post.

Would you (my fellow collectors) Be interested in this? It's a great way to add to your collection while cleaning out the fodder and not spending a dime on it other than shipping.
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