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Do you take sugar?


Sally Twit
Tea, coffee, cereal, etc. Do you add it to your food and drink?

Just like salt, I never add sugar to anything. When I eat cereal I always have it dry and I don't drink hot drinks.


I just got a coffee now and while adding sugar to my mocha , I happen to read this thread.

So yea, I add a lot of sugar in my coffee/mocha. I want it as sweet as possible.
But I don't add sugar anywhere else.


still nobody's bitch
Amy you're weird.

I put a lot of sugar in my coffee. Not a ton, but more than most people would. Cream and sugar both.

I don't usually buy unsweetened cereal, except for the occasional box of Grape Nuts and add a bit of sugar to it.


Registered Member
I don't drink coffee, so I don't have to worry about adding anything to that. But with certain cereals, like Special K, I do add a bit of sugar. And when I drink iced tea, it most certainly has to be sweetened, it wouldn't be southern style if it wasn't. You simply ask for sweet here at a restaurant, and it already has plenty of sugar in it, no need to add more.


I don't drink coffee or tea, but I sometimes put sugar on my cereal, especially if it's something like cheerios or corn flakes.


The Hierophant
When I eat cereal I always have it dry and I don't drink hot drinks.
:-O WHA! That's crazy.

I put about two teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, no creamer, though. I don't generally add sugar to many things, but I do, however like sweet thing. If I'm going to add sugar to ceareal, it's mostly because it's some generic corn flakes or rice crisps. Something that has absolutely no flavor, and even then, more times than not, I'll add honey.


Well-Known Member
I add sugar to my coffee, no milk though. I tried cutting back to one teaspoon per cup recently and I nearly died from lack of sugar (well not quite, but it tasted fucking dreadful and I had zero energy) I don't add sugar to cereal or anything like that though.


Registered Member
Returns to narrate a story nobody will care about:

A friend of mine is a proper sugar loon -
He actually puts sugar on these:


Also, in the house, he has three sugars in his coffee... Yet when out, he always asks for five - or six.
His teeth are knackered, predictably so.
Yet he insists on the stuff...

He reminds me of Christian Slater's character, Clarence, out of True Romance - "I'm only satisfied if the spoon stands up straight..."

Anyway, there's my lovely information. The world is a better place.


Registered Member
I don't add sugar to my cereal or my tea. I don't usually buy sweet cereals, I like my honey flax cereal :D I used to drink really sweet tea, but I made myself get used to plain tea and now I can't drink it any other way.