Do you support the independence of everyone?

Do you support the independence of everyone?

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  • More or less, families and/or local communities need authority figures

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Pretty simply question here. Do you support the independence of everyone? For an example close to home for me, Quebec wanted to seperate themselves from Canada and become their own Country.

Please look at the options in my poll.
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I think that a state/providence/territory has the right to remove themselves from whatever union they are a part of if they don't agree with/don't want to be a part of that union anymore.

I think that the individual should have their own rights, but sovereignty? Not too sure how that would work. I do know that a person should be free to control their own destiny and not have their life be dictated by those in charge.


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I think it very much depends on the claim being made and the level of autonomy that already exists and what is being asked. there also has to be a consensus to what the populous wants, the expanded community and an international recognition.

Do I think Quebec has a legitimate claim? ...not being to clued up on it I'd probably have to guess on what I do know and say; no it should not have full sovereignty. Quebec is an integral part of Canada and I think Canada could not be Canada without it. I think for the sake of sovereignty unity favours Canada over Quebec.

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This does not really answer the question. Unless of course by individual freedom you mean you would prefer the dissolution of the USA, all its states and counties and leave the individuals accountable.

I can not see how that would work other than creating a power vacuum for complete anarchy to pursue with the gradual a reforming of counties, states and country where only the most ruthless, cunning and ambitious would succeed; at which point you are back at square one.
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